What do I do with my Kids?

  1. I'm currently enrolled in a 5 week CNA program. I want to work as a CNA before I enroll into an RN program. I've been working on my bachelors in EDU, but frankly I'm broke and need to work for awhile before I can dedicate myself to my studies again. Other than teaching, I'd like to be a nurse. I started to look into job opportunities and all the positions available are 7-7 Mostly nights! I am a single mom with 3 kids: 11, 5, and 3. Most likely I'll get hired to work nights. My children have state funded daycare and there are some 24 hour day cares around, but what should I do with them after that? My parents would probably be willing to help out when I worked day shift but that would be it! I feel so defeated! I'm all my children have and I can't even provide for them. I'm desperate for any advice on possible solutions.
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  3. by   SaoirseRN
    I work 12 hour shifts, and with a few exceptions, I do four of them with five days off. So out of two weeks, if my child was young and I was single, I would need child care for five partial days. I realize not all schedules are like mine, but looking at it that way, it's a little more doable.
  4. by   HouTx
    From a realistic standpoint, Nursing - or any job that involves 24X7 shifts - may not be for you because the hours are just not compatible with your personal situation at this time. Nursing jobs are also not very empathetic to the day-to-day demands of a single parent... for instance, in many organizations, there are strict limitations on how many times you can 'call in' (for any reason) before you are subjected to disciplinary action. It's crazy, I know. But you'll encounter the same issues in nursing school (very rigid schedule) absences are not easily forgiven so it's very difficult to cope with children's illnesses, dr appointments, etc.

    Have you explored the idea of entering into a cooperative arrangement with other single moms who may find themselves in similar circumstances?