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Here's my story. I'm 36, work in the printing field, make plates and do scanning, it sucks, so in 1998 i decide to go back to school. I went for a A.S. in PC and Internet Programming...it took me 4 freaking years going... Read More

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    Originally posted by nursepru
    Same thing here! I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design...found a job, got laid off because it was a small company not doing well. Looked for other work, but got a job doing tech support for a large corp. (which by the way I HATE). It was the only job I could find after Sept. 11. I'm still taking pre-reqs, but I really can't wait to get away from corporate America and computers!
    I have the same situation. I had several computer technical degrees but could only find a job in tech support. I pretty much hate it.. it wasnt what I had in mind.

    I'm also a web developer.

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    Don't know why, but for some reason your original post just really touched me. Almost gave me goosebumps. I felt a real need to respond... for what it's worth.

    I LIKE what you shared, and above all, I appreciate the total honesty. From what little I have read about you in your post, "something" tells me that you would make one heck of a nurse. Just the way you wrote about it, your concerns, your desires, your almost "fighting" it. I think I just liked what I was reading BETWEEN the lines...

    One is NEVER too old to go after something new, especially if that something turns into a career that fits you ! You also sound like a person who would have much to give, and a person who cares. We need more of you.

    Please browse around on this BB and check with the guys here, too... they certainly would have valuable input for you ! As suggested above, you might follow some nurse aquaintances around for a week or two ( in different settings, of course) and get the "feel" of it... see what it does to your head and your heart. You should discover something right there.

    Never put it out of mind if it's something you really think is YOU... because it will only continue to pester and haunt you... untill you give in to it ! Why waste precious time putting it off when you think that in the end it will be what you desired all along! And no... it's NVR2Late !!! But you might regret the wasted years spent procrastinating !

    Wish you the very best in your quest ! Do keep us posted.
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    Rudey, I tried to "fight" (as jnette said) my true, deep down desire to be a nurse, but lost. I was afraid to tell my boyfriend and my family that I wanted to go to nursing school, but it turned out to be a great thing. They are so supportive of me. I am now in a BSN program, and I start clinicals next semester. My grandma is a nurse and she is SO excited for me. My 1st degree is in Marine Bio and I couldn't find a job in it. I am now a lab rat in a public health lab, and realized lab work is not for me, but helping people IS.
    Listen to what your heart tells you and think about YOUR happiness. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks. They'll get over it.
    Good luck!
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    same boat as you are brother.

    i come from an accounting back ground with a nice fat check every motnh but i am not satisfied with what i do . i spend about8-10 hours per day in front of this damn computer and punch in numbers but this is not what i want. i see myself helping people and when my tiem comes looking back to see that i made a difference in someone life and mine.

    i am about to leave a good paying job for about 3 years of school and $7 per hour part time jobs. but i know in teh end it will be the best career move i ever made. i wil be attending a community college for the ADN Rn program then get my BSN.

    i am scared as HeLL but i have support from my wonderful girlfriend who by the way will be switching over to the nursing career with me and hopefully we will be ok.

    yesterday my girl and i was at the beach in honolulu by the diamond head look out and stared out to the horizon and i asked if we will be ok with what we will be starting hard route toward a nursing education and we both agreed to help eachother in everyway we can. bring a tear to my eyes but that is how i will survive through teh 3-4 years of school. if its not for her i dont think i can do it.

    good luck bro and dont give up. i like to think abou the good things that will come out of this.
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    I've been lurking these boards for a few days and I see more and more people like me who are thinking of switching careers. In my case - I'm 51 and starting the spring semester to get A&P out of the way. Hope to start for an ADN in the spring of '05. So, I'll be 55 when I finally get out. But, I'm pumped about it all and ready to go. My wife came up with the idea (she's an RN) and convinced me by pointing out that:

    1) There will be a nursing shortage for a LONG time to come.
    2) There are so many areas of nursing that, if I want, I can go for some sort of desk job and never see a patient (not my plan, by the way).
    3) With a BS in business I'll have the credentials to move into the business side (again, not my plan).
    4) I'm a guy. And, for better or worse, it seems that in some ways men do better than women as far as promotions and pay.
    5) Even if I decide to stay in my current career (once more, not the plan) I'll always be able to find a job as an RN.

    Went to an orientation the other night expecting to be the line old guy in a crowd of younger females and was surprised to see that out of 30 there were almost 10 men. And one of the looked like he was about my age.

    My wife tells me this will be the toughest thing I've ever done but I'm going to give it my best. You should too.

    And, should I change my screen name from Ned the Red to something like Gramps?


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