want to quit 6 month job and get my old one back :(..work 2 contingents??

  1. Well, I definitely have learned a life lesson. I have been an NICU nurse for almost 4 years,2 of which I spent at my last job.
    After giving notice, I left said job in favor of a level 4 NICU for the experience. I thought I would like all the excitement and highest level of neonatal acuity. I however was wrong. Ecmo is not my cup of tea and the company has made 3 drastic declines in benefits in the short time I've been there due to being bought out. I have trouble sleeping at times and dread coming to work which I didn't before
    I feel awful that they've trained me for about 3 months. I've stuck with it, trying to get over it...but I simply don't like it.
    My old boss has granted me an interview for a contingent job back on my old unit, I know she will offer it to me. I also have an interview for a seperate part time or contingent position in my old hospital system.
    I am desperate enough to get back into the old system that I'm willing to live without benefits for awhile. Anyone done this??
    I know I could offer to stay contingent at this current job...but I really want out. If my old place offers full or part time soon , I want to be available.
    I'm dreading quitting this job, the manager is very nice. Its just not for me.
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  3. by   Marshall1
    If you are offered a job that is more suitable to you personally and professionally take it. If you are able to get out of the job you don't like get out. You are not only doing yourself and the employer a favor but you are also opening up a slot of a nurse who DOES want that job. Don't feel badly - some things (jobs, relationships, pants!) don't fit no matter how much we "wish" they would.
  4. by   xoemmylouox
    I'd see what the other interviews offer before you make any decisions. If you can find a job you'll be happier at, go to that job. Life is too short.
  5. by   nursenancy27
    I don't have any advice but wanted to offer support as I am in a similar situation - I left a good job for what I thought was a better opportunity and it turns out I'm not happy there. Wishing you luck with your interviews and please let us know what happens!