VA hiring freeze?

  1. I'm in my 4th semester of a BSN program.

    I've been offered two externships and am trying to decide which to take. Both are in ER, my chosen area.

    One is at a mid-size community hospital. It's friendly, close to home, and I know they'll be hiring next year due to expansion. I'm relatively sure I could get hired there upon graduation.

    The other is in the VA Valor program. I'm keen to get into the VA system upon graduation and their pay is 1.5 times the other hospital. But I worry that their hiring freeze will continue for some time and I won't be offered a position. Only 2 of 8 Valor applicants last year got offered jobs.

    Anyone out there have predictions/inside scoop on the VA hiring freeze's and the likelihood they'll be lifted by Summer 2012?

    I may just do both.


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  3. by   havehope
    I would do both of them that way if the freeze is not lifted you have the other hospital to fall back on.
  4. by   Jules A
    It is also my understanding that the freeze could be lifted and the positions filled almost simultaneously so being in the loop and ready to strike is very important. Good luck!