unethical/illegal practices..need advise please help unethical/illegal practices..need advise please help | allnurses

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unethical/illegal practices..need advise please help

  1. 0 I have been a nurse for 7yrs and I am qute knowledgeable of what my duties are, however after coming across an error on a pt while doing my usual nightly chart checks I. Proceeded to followup and correct the error and then wrote a nurses note explaining what I did and why. The next night ioi checked the chart again as part of my duties and checked the nurses note to see about a follow up only to discover my note had been removed entirely from the chart. I spoke with my don that morning about the situation and to my suprise she. Admitted to removing the note amd said it was ioncriminating...what action should I take...
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    You need to consult a lawyer. We are not qualified to give legal advice.
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    Per the TOS, we can't give legal advice. You need to talk to a lawyer, preferably one familiar with such matters. The only referral we can give you is to here:

    TAANA Executive Office - Home

    Best of luck.
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    If you have malpractice notify them as they provide legal advice