Trying to Get an LPN JOB At a Nursing Home

  1. Hi everyone, I'm an LPN due to graduate as an RN in December with an Associates. I currently work at a doctor's office and a radiology facility, but I want more bedside care experience, especially before I graduate. I've applied to four nursing homes per diem and have called over and over again, leaving messages for HR and the DON's. I even have a friend who works in one close to me who put in a good word, but she's not even answering me anymore when I text her. I'm only asking for weekend day hours per diem, which I weonfer if this is the reason, but I still find it odd that no one's called me. I will probably walk into the facilities next week, but I applied in June. Any advice?
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  3. by   silverbat
    Where do you live? I know nursing homes near me are looking to hire!!!
  4. by   missy26
    I live in Rockland County, New York. I applied to three here and one in New Jersey. I know it doesn't sound good, but I don't have a car either so I'm not trying to go too far which is probably limiting me too, but I want to actually be able to show up to work.
  5. by   silverbat
    true.. gotta show up for work.. Not knowing your area, is there reliable public transportation???
  6. by   missy26
    Well, I can get anywhere in Rockland, but I'm limited to Rockland. But I wonder why no one's even calling me. I mean I'm just asking for a per diem job so I honestly thought it would be easy. This week I'm going to actually walk into two of the nursing homes I applied to. Any suggestions on that? Also, I specifically only asked for weekend hours. Do you think that could be limiting me?
  7. by   Kimbsntobe
    The fact you dont drive and have a car is probably limiting you...per-diem means you will work any shift not just daytime weekend hours...and they probably thinking if they hire you--you will be a no-show come winter time you should try and get a license if not a car they want someone reliable and public transportation is not always reliable...good luck