Torrance Memorial-RN New Grad 2013

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    Hello everyone! I just wanted to make a thread for the upcoming program in August 2013. Good luck to everyone!!

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    I called HR on Wednesday and they told me the first panel interview will be on Tuesday. Has anyone gotten a call yet?
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    I received a call for an interview next week.
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    Wow, that was fast! Are you internal? Wondering how many external new grads will be considered.
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    Hi RNBSN4,
    Looks like we are applying to a lot of the same programs! Haha. When did you apply and when did you get the call? That seems so fast! I turned my app in Friday afternoon
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    Has anyone heard any more news? I read on the new grad facebook page that some people have already been rejected.....
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    I know of a few who are interviewing this week. Not sure if they're internal. I'm hoping it's for internal right now and external applicants will be contacted for interviews soon. :\
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    Who applied for this program too? Any updates or information?
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    I am an external applicant, but I was referred by an employee. I know they received more than 800 applicants and I believe there are 29 spots available. I'm hoping all of you get back a call sometime soon!!
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    Here's the thread I've created for Torrance Memorial:

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