Torrance Memorial-RN New Grad 2013

  1. Hello everyone! I just wanted to make a thread for the upcoming program in August 2013. Good luck to everyone!!
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  3. by   cmgabriel89
    I called HR on Wednesday and they told me the first panel interview will be on Tuesday. Has anyone gotten a call yet?
  4. by   RNBSN4
    I received a call for an interview next week.
  5. by   neenarn
    Wow, that was fast! Are you internal? Wondering how many external new grads will be considered.
  6. by   Sophia432
    Hi RNBSN4,
    Looks like we are applying to a lot of the same programs! Haha. When did you apply and when did you get the call? That seems so fast! I turned my app in Friday afternoon
  7. by   Sophia432
    Has anyone heard any more news? I read on the new grad facebook page that some people have already been rejected.....
  8. by   ADEcstatic
    I know of a few who are interviewing this week. Not sure if they're internal. I'm hoping it's for internal right now and external applicants will be contacted for interviews soon. :\
  9. by   PhilipG
    Who applied for this program too? Any updates or information?
  10. by   RNBSN4
    I am an external applicant, but I was referred by an employee. I know they received more than 800 applicants and I believe there are 29 spots available. I'm hoping all of you get back a call sometime soon!!
  11. by   RNBSN4
    Here's the thread I've created for Torrance Memorial: Torrance Memorial-RN New Grad 2013
  12. by   nurse1728
    Hi guys,

    I applied the night of the 18th when applications opened. Havnt heard anything yet. Crossing fingers!
  13. by   Esme12
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  14. by   Sophia432
    Has anyone gotten more information about interviews etc? I have only heard about one person getting a call so far, which seems kinda strange. Wondering if its a done deal at this point.....