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Hello everyone! I just wanted to make a thread for the upcoming program in August 2013. Good luck to everyone!! :)... Read More

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    Thanks bblue. Since you seem to have already had your interview, did they tell you when you will hear back from them?
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    Sophia432, they said 2-3 weeks from the interview. They also said the program would start 8/19.
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    Good luck bblue! I have one more question. Should I be studying reconstitution problems? Thanks
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    Hi everyone, I just got out of my 2nd interview. I was really nervous and felt I didn't do as well as the 1st one. Did anyone get an offer yet? And if so, how long did it take after your 2nd interview?
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    I had my 2nd interview today, too! I felt pretty good although I did mess up on one question, I think. I honestly don't know how I did. I thought I totally bombed the first interview and I got a call the following day for the 2nd interview so it's a toss up! lol I hope I did well enough to get an offer. Some of the managers I interviewed with seemed to like me.

    I asked them when we should hear back by and they said by the end of next week. I think they're conducting more 1st interviews tomorrow and 2nd interviews early next week. Keeping my fingers crossed! Who did you interview with, @julesdel? Medical-surgical?
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    @ADEcstatic Good for you. I interviewed on the 2North floor with oncology and med surg people. I put oncology as my #1 and then med surg as #2. Crossing my fingers for a congratulations phone call next week. Who did you interview with? When I spoke to xxxxxx on Wednesday she said they would accept 20-25 people; however, do you know how many people are interviewing? Good luck!!!
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    I don't know how many people they're interviewing, but I know they had more first interviews today. I interviewed with all med surg people on the 2N CR, too. It was pretty much the only unit I wanted. BTW, have you taken your NCLEX yet? If not, when are you planning to take it?

    Good luck, @julesdel!
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    No, I am taking it on the 24th. I hope that does not hinder my chances. Have you?
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    I haven't. I'm supposed to take it on Monday but I am definitely not ready and would really prefer to postpone it. Unfortunately, the earliest date I could reschedule it for within a 40mi radius is the 29th! Torrance HR lady strongly recommended taking it earlier than that. Gah!
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    Please don't post individuals names. This violates their privacy.
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    Hi all,
    I had my panel interview today and left feeling not so great about it. I was just a bit caught off guard by some of the questions and felt I didn't explain myself clearly. Oh well....I guess there isn't much I can do about it now but wait. Does anybody know when we should start hearing back?
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    Sorry about that.
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    a friend was offered a position today.