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Okay I decided I think I want to teach CNA classes:idea:...but do I need to have CNA experience before I can do that? or do I have to get my RN first? :confused: I think I would really like to teach, instead of working in the... Read More

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    Quote from RN1980
    Well the saying is "Those who can do and those who can't..teach".

    And it's a stupid saying, because the fact of the matter is.....those who teach, DID (and did well) for quite a few years, in most cases.

    Not everyone can make it into (or through) graduate school. Those who teach, did that also.
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    I have a friend that teaches a CNA course and his background is in sales and isn't even a CNA. He's a good teacher and his students probably love him, but I was a bit taken aback that he got this job. The school is a private school and doesn't have clinicals.

    I imagine accredited schools that have clinicals more than likely require RNs or LPNs.
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    Those who can do, teach...damn straight!!

    Only wish they were paid what they are truly worth
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    Most of my instructors began the semester sort of like an interview. They stated what their education hx was, as well as work hx, and if they still are in practice and doing what kind of stuff. Curious, the one nursing instructor that did not just let us know, turned out to be a horrible clinical instructor. OMG, she was far more nervous on the floor than we were. I wanted to take her by the shoulders and walk her to and sit her down in the waiting room with a remote for the TV, LOL!! Turns out she did not have what it took. But having said that, if your gonna take the job.... if you can be really into teaching you can hop those hurdles and know how to supplement where you are lacking a bit. Not everybody can do this.

    Kind of sucks when as a student you have RNs at clinical telling you to what extent they hate your clinical instructor!
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    Hi there,
    I'm currently a RN and I'm teaching CNA as my part time job. No, you don't need to be a CNA/RN/LVN to teach but it'd be beneficial to have some CNA experiences so you can relate to the students about their role as a nurse assistant.
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    I know many nurses who "can't" do--teach instead...and their students laugh behind their back..poor teachers...

    Students, speak know it's true....
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