Thinking about becoming an RN then APRN - Needing advice from current nurses

  1. Hello everyone. I have a few questions and I am in need of some advice on getting into the Nursing career itself. I'm still not 100% if this is what I want to do but it is definitely something I can see myself doing and could enjoy, especially if I can work with the elderly. I'm kinda bashful but I do always warm up to people and I know I'll be extremely friendly with patients.

    I am returning to school in the fall and I've decided to go straight for my BSN. I'm in Dayton, Ohio and there seems to be a pretty good demand for Nurses here and plenty of jobs though I'm not sure if the market here is saturated or not. I was originally thinking about becoming an Occupational Therapist but the schools that do offer it are pretty expensive plus I am a single mom and can't really afford it so that's another reason why I chose Nursing. I won't be staying on campus so that'll save me a ton of money and debt in the future. I'm staying with my parents for the time being and my daughter will be in daycare. She will be 1 years old when I return to school and I really just want to get it out of the way while she is still young.

    I really just wanted to know how do current Nurses like the career overall? Also, is the Nursing market really that saturated? Do I still have a good shot of getting my job with my BSN in 4 years vs getting an ADN? Also, what can I do in the meantime to prepare for both school and the career itself?
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  3. by   HouTx
    Definitely go for your BSN. In most larger cities, hospital jobs are already restricted to BSN only. By the time you graduate, that will probably extend to community hospitals. There will still be plenty of opportunities for ADN nurses, but not in acute care (hospitals). You may want to post in the Ohio forum to get specific insight about your geographic area.
  4. by   Rn112389
    Go for your BSN. Unless you have your foot in the door at a facility working as a nurses aide, chances are most hospitals will only hire you if you have a BSN. Personally, I think its a good idea to start at the bottom and work your way up (to test the waters if you even like nursing as a career). I was a nurses aide for years while I went to school so that helped me in more ways than one. It can be somewhat stressful and demanding at times but ultimately, it's a very rewarding career. Congratulations on your choice to pursue nursing!