Tattoos and Nursing?

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    I have to small tattoos on both of my ears, yes my ears! They pretty much go unnoticed but I know they can effect my outcome for my cna training and clinicals- any suggestions on covering them besides bad-aids-

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    Have you ever tried make up or dermablend?
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    Depending where they are on your ears is there any way you could wear your hair in such a way that it would cover the tattoos?
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    not sure they wouldn't show through make-up and I have no clue what dermablend is, looking it up now! Thank you for the response
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    DERMABLEND- good idea but expensive -
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    Kat Von d tattoo artist and in the reality show LA Ink has a line of makeup with Sephora specifically made to cover tattoos. Try looking up the Sephora website I think it is called "Lock-It". Many hospitals now will not let nurses or any staff show any tattoos so it is good to look into concealment so you can see what works and what you like.
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