Suggestions on how to persue my academic career?

  1. HI all

    Now that I have decided to get my education in nursing I would like your suggestions in how I should go about it.

    I have yet to start my journey and am talking with an admissions counselor at my local college who has her MSN but I want your opinions.

    Should I :

    Do my one year in traditional setting and get my LPN
    Continue my education by LPN 2 BSN via online (clinicals are required but are allowed through this college in your own state)
    BSN 2 CRNA via U of M 2 yr NA program


    Do my two year in a traditional setting and get my RN
    Continue by RN 2 BSN via online with an accelerated course that likely doesnt require clinicals given the rn experience and only takes two years
    BSN 2 CRNA via U of M 2 yr NA program

    Could you tell me any other way you would do it or why you would choose one way over the other. I am just for the online portion because of having two kids that I need to be home for and would be much better off doing it that way and like those types of programs. I realize I need my clinical teaching etc. and of course experience but how would you approach it with a young family and a person who likes online courses?

    Thanks for any input I really appreciate it. Keep in mind I am considering CRNA but of course alot of things change. Who knows as an RN I may get into L&D and just love it since I am a baby freak and decide to stay right there! But CRNA is my ultimate goal at this point.
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  3. by   bmw804
    As a single working parent of two children, I have also had this similar questions. I work full time and I needed a program that would allow me to take courses in the evening or the weekend. I have decided to do the LPn program. Its only 10 months. I had previously applied to a diploma RN program, but the program doesn't start until next August. I chose LPN so that I can work nights or weekends so I can go to school full time. The LPN to BSN online sounds like a good plan. I guess If I don't get accepted into the RN program for the fall semester that would be my alternative. You have to do what's best with your schedule. I know its gonna be hard. If I can just get through the 10 months. It doesn't seem like a long time. My program starts in October.

    Good luck to you