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state of nursing?

  1. 0 This is my first time posting a question on this site, but I have been reading other posts for quite a while. I will be attending nursing school next august (Fall 2001). After reading several posts, I am very displeased with some of them. I don't understand why nurses (some) treat each other with dis-respect. Why do older nurses treat new RN's like they are their life-long enemy. I am not a nurse (yet), but after reading some of the posts, wonder if I have made the correct choice. Can some of you established and experienced nurses help to enlighten me on the situation.

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    I understand how you feel. I've been working in the hospital for almost ten years. I've worked as an admitting clerk, unit secretary, nursing assistant, and now a multi-skilled tech. I will start my nursing clinicals this Jan (working toward a BSN). I too had my doubts. I even changed my major, but I changed it back to nursing. I feel that nursing is apart of me- I can feel it in my bones- and I cannot deny the feeling. When I changed my major, I even changed jobs. I still was not satisfied. I went back to the hospital two years later, and it felt like I never left. So I am very sure that I want to become a RN. Do you have any experience working in the hospital? As a NA, for example. This can determine if you are cut out for this line of work. Nursing is very, very, stressful. I feel that only the strong survive.
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    Nursing like all professions have its good and bad points (and people). Like all professions someone will respect you and others won't. It is a profession that allows you to make it into what you want. The profession has an enormous amount of responsibility and interdependence among nurses. It can be a very satisfying profession. Continue your path and I hope you will be rewarded in your career choice as I have.