Should I take another part time job?

  1. Hello All!
    I'm a fairly new nurse, started working on a m/s floor about a year ago (mar 19 to be exact). I have learned quite a deal of things since the beginning, and some days I hate it and most days I like it haha, I think that stands true for anything though..
    In any event, I have been thinking about picking up a small part time job doing something a little different to gain a little more experience in a different area of nursing and also have a little extra cash. I sent a resume to a nursing home in the areas for a part time nursing supervisor for nights, I work days now at the hospital.. They called me back right away I had an interview, seems they really liked me and I'm pretty sure if I want the job its mine. It is every other week-end, 10p-6a. So only 4 days a month, 32 hours a month. Really not too bad if you ask me... I am up in arms whether to take it or not.

    My question to all of you is,, is there any reason someone can specify why I shouldn't or should definitely take this job? Most times a few smart heads thinking about a question is better than just my own!!

    Thanks for any input I appreciate it
    -Steve E. ,
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  3. by   HouTx

    Its a great way to gain supervisory experience if you have the stamina to do it! It may be a balancing act if you have to meet any 'extra' obligations for your primary employer. The real challenge will be bouncing back and forth between days and nights. Don't underestimate the 'recovery' time you need after working all night.

    Also - make sure you have a handle on the tax impact of your extra job. Do the math ahead of time& adjust deductions accordingly so you don't get a nasty surprise next year.
  4. by   imintrouble
    I haven't had two jobs in awhile, but I liked it when I did. The extra money is an obvious plus.
    I allowed myself the illusion that if I didn't like job A, I could quit and work at job B. If somebody at job B made me mad I could just quit and go to job A. It actually made me like both jobs better than if I only worked one.
    I say why not?

    If you're married, you might want to run it by your SO instead of us.