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I just graduated from nursing school and immediately got a job working at a rehab hospital. I was not too thrilled about working the 3-11pm shift but Human Resources assured me it wouldn't be long... Read More

  1. by   ProfRN4
    i've learned that no shift is perfect. day shift is tough, because you have to get them up early, and find someone to get your kids off to school, and pick them up late (unless there is an afterschool program). granted, you will be home w/ them most of the evening, for dinner and bedtime, but you also need to consider any school events, and their days off.

    i work per-diem. i try to do a lot of weekends, to be there for the weekday shlepping (dance class, karate) and school for me. so what happens when i pick up extra weekends? birthday parties :hatparty: now i have to try to swap days, and nobody wants to trade to do a weekend shift (if they don't have to)?
  2. by   rnpilot
    I worked nights for many years. I, too, found I couldn't work evenings with children. Night shift worked the best. Day shift was very busy, but nights were more low key. On days off I could shop at 24 hour stores with no crowds which I loved. Nights aren't bad if it's a straight shift and not rotating. It's the rotating that makes nights hard for a lot of people.
  3. by   Chaya
    How about going to 3 days/ wk? Can you do part-time for a while financially? If not- I would stick with it. 3-11 is hard when the kids are in school BUT makes life sooo much easier in the summer when they're home or need to be driven to programs/ camps that start at 9 AM or so.
  4. by   Gabbyfl RN
    i have to agree with most of the posts. i also worked night shift for many years while my children were small. the bigges advantage was that i was usually home to send them off to school, there when they got home and there when they were sick... being a woking mom is not easy but it can be done...... days shift is not all that it is cracked up to be as stated in earlier posts, there is way too much admistrative interferance/pressure, when on the off shifts you are there just to work and take care of your patients. and would day shift really be that much better, wouldn't you be gone before they go to school? just a thought. but the bottom line is, you have to decide what is best for you and your family... just remember as stated the grass is not always greener on the other side...
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  5. by   RetiredMSN
    Tiffany, you really need to hang in there. Nursing is not a piece of cake. You are now in the process of finding that out. There is no ideal job or shift, but there are those positions that at least have disadvantages you can live with. The suggestions to go part time & stay on evenings are very good. You really need to stay with it, also, to get more clinical experience before trying to move on to other things. Once you have 1-3 years of good clinical experience, you could think about going into other types of positions, such as home care. Home care will in most instances, be days, with rotating weekends and holidays off & serving on-call time. I worked part time evenings while my children were small & that was perfect. I also worked on a BSN during the last 5 yrs. of that time. Afterwards, the kids were in Jr. High & I moved into home care. We all thought we'd fallen into Heaven, because I was home so many weekends and holidays. Again, it's not stress-free, & is hard work, but very rewarding in so many ways. So, take a good look at how you want to plan your career...not just work at a job. Keep us posted. RetiredMSN:icon_cool
  6. by   URO-RN
    Make sure you have a job offer lined up before you leave.
    If you have to explain why you left, say that it was due to a schedule conflict that could not be resolved.
    Keep it simple.

    Good luck to you. Balancing home life and nursing can be a big headache if children are involved.