Should I go straight from BS in nursing into a Masters in nursing?

  1. I need some advice on a major career decision. I graduated a ny nursing school this past December 2012 and have relocated down to Florida for personal reasons. I have my RN license and am struggling as a new graduate to get my foot in the door and get some experience. Its been about 8 months and I've gone on a total of 4-5 interviews with no success. I've turned to volunteer work to get some exposure in the hospitals. I've reached out to different hospital managers/recruiters and handed out resumes all over the community. Places today are either not hiring, not willing to train a new graduate with less than 1 year experience or are willing to interview you but are going with more experienced applicants. I really want to expand my education and go for my Masters in Nursing down in Florida. I was told that at this university I can still apply even if I do not have that work experience. For it is not a requirement rather a recommendation. The school would provide me with clinical experience and affiliations and as a Nurse Practitioner I would have a higher title. What should I do? keep waiting for this RN job to work out or go straight for a masters program?
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  3. by   HouTx
    Despite the fact that you could gain entry into an NP program, employers are very unlikely to hire a new grad NP with no clinical experience. It would put you into an even worse place because you would still be unemployed, but with much higher student loans - unless you are able to fund without taking on additional debt. It would also be very difficult to choose your NP specialty without actually working in that area.

    I can certainly empathize with your frustration, but investing more time, effort & money in an advanced degree at this point may just make it worse. Just like the old adage -"If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging".
  4. by   arose26
    so what should I do just keep holding out for almost a year and wait for an RN job to fall into place. Its been over 8 months and the longer I am waiting the harder its going to get. Nurse managers will start hiring a new grad closer to graduating rather than someone like me who is still waiting 8 months later with no success.
  5. by   JMEMNRN
    I say go for it... that's what I did, and I got a job while in school, so when I graduate, I will have experience under my belt. Plus, continuing education looks great on a resume! Good luck!
  6. by   arose26
    Thanks JMEMNRN the thing is when you relocate you don't have the affiliations of your school to help you. That's why if I go back to school down here and gain another degree I can use the schools resources to help me rather being on my own struggling to get a job. Can I ask you JMEMNRN did you get your MSN straight after your RN?
  7. by   JMEMNRN
    I started my 2 year prerequisites in 2007, and graduated 2010, started my Bsn the semester after and graduated 2012, Started my MSN FNP the semester after and now have 1 year left...

    I haven't taken a break from school yet...
  8. by   arose26
    I really admire you. I want to apply to MSN FNP program just to see what happens. Honestly what's the harm if they are willing to allow me in the program and I cannot get a job offer it would be stupid to not take it. What's the alternative sitting at home with no job and waiting for a nurse manager to be desperate enough to hire a new grad. When in the meantime I could be using my time more productively and going to school. I'm not worried about the financial aspect. Its an investment I'm willing to make. JMEMNRN did you have any professors or classmates that questioned why you didn't have experience under your RN or why you went straight through? The fact that you are doing it gives me hope that I can make it through this tough time so thank you!
  9. by   JMEMNRN
    Yes, several people questioned why. I found the most resistance cam from those who did not have a MSN yet... needless to say, the ones I have talked to that are positive about it said the work you do as a NP is totally different as a RN. So really they are two separate forms of training/mind frame. There are not as many NPs out there as there are RNs. Jobs are easier to come by, just look online... many say they are willing to take new grads. I'm happy I kept going...
  10. by   arose26
    Thanks I totally understand that I'm getting advice from people who cannot even think of going into masters program due to financial reasons and they are very narrow minded about the benefits of going back to school. The training is totally different between RN and NP. I have noticed that some programs are willing to take new grads with no experience into their programs so that has to mean they are willing to work with people in my situation. I think if you have the means to go and further your education and get the opportunity I am going to take it.
  11. by   arose26
    JMEMNRN - Did you get a job once you started your practicum in FNP program or did you continue to apply from the beginning? I was contacted by the program director of a FNP program that i'm interested and she wants me to apply even given my current situation because she said I will gain experience through school but in the meantime just keep applying. Im kind of torn I want to further my education but at the same time I want to have a job one day.