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Ok, like many of you here I'm "thinking about nursing school" and have been for many years - our society teaches us that because we are free we can and should be "whatever we want to be" -problem- I cannot cheerfully say that... Read More

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    Hi Mary Spam: Yes I've had 'a calling'....a calling to support myself and pay my own way in life. Like you, I've had an interest in science, flexibility, and mobility, and have worked all over Oregon and plan to do travel nursing when I have my own affairs settled to do so. A working holiday sounds great; I think I hear Australia calling...anyway; be true to yourself! And good luck to you!

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    Jackie F. LOL, exactly! I myself didn't have a calling and don't know if I ever will. I researched nursing, and like most other people have nurses in my family. I would be very happy finding any career that was stable, paid well, don't have to worry about longevity, and something that I would enjoy. Nursing right now seems the most sensible thing to do, I also think it would be fun. So not everyone gets a 'calling' to be a Nurse. As long as I know that I will be a very competent nurse and have a secure job then I will be happy

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