Should I become a nurse?

  1. Hi I'm a sophomore in high school, and a guy if that matters? I want to go into medicine but I really dislike school and don't think I could ever go through med school. So I want to know if nursing is a good career choice, and if you get an AA in nursing is that enough for a decent Job? Please help me I really don't know what I want to be when I grow up and this would be a big help.
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  3. by   HouTx
    It's OK - a lot of people hate(d) High School. It can be a really unpleasant and hostile environment unless you are one of the lucky few jocks or social divas, right? But, HS is a very unnatural environment that you aren't going to encounter at any other time in your life. Never again will you be at the mercy of peers who have 'power' just because of who they are. Trust me on this and ride it out. College is a whole different animal. You may really enjoy it.

    However, if the reason you dislike school is due to problems with learning &/or poor grades, you need to take action. You need to be academically prepared for college. It can be devastating, but low scores on your entry tests will put you into remedial courses that don't even count as college courses - just an extension of HS, but you will have to pay for them. Not good. Put an effort into your courses now - make the highest grades you can. Take advantage of tutoring or any other help that is available. Make sure you take college prep courses.

    In some parts of the country, ADN nurses are still very much in demand - you need to check in your area to see if that is the case. If you're reluctant to sign on for a bigger commitment, you may want to start out with LPN (LVN in Ca & Tx) first.... sort of try before you buy. From there, you can gradually advance your education until you achieve your goal. There are also some other health careers that only require 2-year degrees. You need to talk to your counselor to explore these.

    Best of luck to you - hang in there, it gets better.
  4. by   puravidaLV
    you want the shortcut?

    first: go to your school guidance counselor and tell them you want to shadow an ER, ICU, or something that is awesome nurse. If they are any good and have connections it will happen. If not call a nurse recruiter at a local hospital as well as the volunteer coordinator and see what they might be able to set up. Best way to know anything is to step your feet into $hi& and see what sticks. I say ER also because man thats what you see on TV and in reality its just a small pin tip of what nursing can lead you into

    Second (this step is important) : your only a sophomore in high school, so this is the perfect time to start college classes. The thing about college classes are that those highschool classes your taking are BS and more than likely once you go to college you'll have to retake english 101, math, and science classes. So F it. You get the same if not better information by going to the community college during the summer and taking them.
    ----Side note (yes I am a guy).....much hotter chicks and availability than college..highly suggest it. I took an english class at Stanford University one summer (it was free and something my high school (across the street from the university) had set up and oh it was a great summer.

    Second.A- If your community college lets you do highschool at the college DO IT. No MATTER WHAT it will mean instead of spending six year in college racking up 80k in loans you will be done before most people even start or be TWO years ahead of everyone ELSE.

    Third....high school is basically just a place you weed out the people you'll never talk to as an adult.