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I'm lost. I'm confused. Don't know what to do. Love hurts so much, it's this punding force that won't let up. I don't want to fail as a parent. So far, my child is the happiest human being I have ever known. And I know it's... Read More

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    SharpPetal to me it sounds like you are under a lot of pressure being torn between two equally important stressors in your life. On one hand you would love nothing more than to provide the best for your child, in which you feel compelled to complete your nursing, whilst at the same time you equally want to be there for your child as they are very important to you and they will never be at the same stage again. I can identify with your use of humour and sarcasm because i too make outragous statements IN JEST when i fell utterly lost or overwhelmed. I don;t think that this tone can be adequately conveyed over this board. I also don;t think that you sound depressed either - scared and uncertain DEFINETLY. I know what you mean when you say that you read the board and when people say that they don't make sufficient money you wonder why you are bothering to do this. I think that maybe (and it is only a MAYBE) people here mean that for the skills and knowledge they possess they are not adequately financially reimbursed compared to many other professions, and not so much mean that they can't afford to eat or wear warm clothes in winter.
    Sorry i can't tell you what the right decision is for your circumstances, for only you will know that, but i do encourage you to draw strength from the people on this board because many people have done many remarkable things! I can almost guarantee you that if you continue with your nursing then in a few years you will look back (or even at the end of semester) and think WOW - look what i have done!! I have made it, i can do it, nothing and no-one will or can stop me! Then you will have something to feel proud of - and very rightly so too!! All the best SharpPetal you can and will go far!!!!!!

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    oh - sorry i forgot to include that when i am in a funk (i hope that is what America calls it, in Australia we generally just say 'crack the *****') a good rest/ sleep does me well and puts everything i perspective. By the time you read this hopefully you have had a break from worrying about this and are refreshed and re-energised and feel much more confident in your abilities.
    Anyway - i have faith in you - all the best
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    hmm...I guess I'm not real sure what to say since you don't mention at what point you're at now--in school, wanting to start, living with family, on your own? Fill us in a little more & I'm sure we can be a little more helpful

    It's easy to get discouraged...but if you want it badly enough you'll do it. If you are willing to roll over and play dead, so to speak, and hope to marry a doctor...then you do not want it and will not make it. Much better to be able to provide for yourself then hope to find someone else to do it.
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    I never thought I could get so much encouragement from strangers, thank you all .
    Ironically, I woke up at 6:30 in the morning...dropped off my daughter at daycare by 7:30 (compared to 8:30 or 9) and used the rest of my time catching up on my studying till my class at noon. Mainly Algebra because it's foreign to me.
    Anyway, I went to bed crying last night yet, for some reason unkown to me, woke up energized and ready to do my best with what needs to be done NOW .
    I'm gonna be 20 soon living with my daughter. I know I got it lucky right now because my parents are able to watch her when I need to study, and no cash comes out of my pocket for daycare because the daycare is located at my college, and as long as I'm a full-time student, Social Services pay for it, (that's more than $500 a month for her age).
    I won't have my parents watching her forever {kinda old }, and my daughter only has the spot in the daycare till 3 for sure. So that is the main reason I want to take advantage of this time as much as I can.
    I consider myself a VERY ambitious, and strong-willed person....IF I got the motivation and encouragement. But as easily as I can get in that "mode", it could dissappear quicker than my baby's father .
    I really feel a lot of you understand, and the fact that you at least attempt to try means alot.
    I am sorry for the sarcasm nickname was "Drama Queen" in high school, what can I say?
    My current GPA is 3.7 and I am an art major right now (guess that's why).
    I figure I could always do my art on the side (maybe open up a studio, hehe), but nursing seems to be waiting for me as well.
    I'm gonna go study, my fingers don't know when to stop again, I thank you all for advice/info/encouragement. Everything has just been the icing on the cake. The cake being my less pessimistic attitude .....till then

    Blessed Be
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    Ah that is great to hear SharpPetal! I had a feeling that you would wake up and feel better. What a great idea to place your daughter in chikd care early and do some work - that means you get more of the night to be with your daughter. (I consider this a better time than the morning too) I am 21 and have friends in a very similar situation as you, but you sound as though with lots of hard work you are really going places!! well done, I am most impressed with your drive! You wil be a great nurse - now don;t you forget that!!

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