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  1. Hi everyone. I just joined allnurses. I graduated from nursing school in December, 2011 with an Associate degree. After passing NCLEX, I worked at a rehabiltation hospital but resigned after 3 months. It was not the right fit. I later found a RN residency to apply to but did not the job. I really wanted the rn residency to have the proper training and guidance as a new nurse. I am concerned about finding appropriate training in a job for a new nurse. I am searching for an nursing area that has consistency. I am an inquisitive person. Some may say that floor nursing is not for me but I want to gain the clinical competency skills to have as a basis. Any ideas on areas of nursing that have more consistency and less multitasking? I was thinking cardiac nursing since it has more of a focus. I've always been drawn to a hospital. Are there nursing jobs in hospitals for new grads that don't involve floor nursing. What other areas can I look to outside of hospitals? I am trying to establish career goals and find an appropriate path for those goals. Any suggestions, insights or feedback? Thank you!
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    I am a little baffled to be honest. You have a two year degree and are a new grad. The only job you are qualified to do in the hospital is to be a floor nurse. Some have internships, some simply precept you on the floor you work on.

    With the current economy, you are going to be looking for work a very long time if you are this picky.

    I hope your search works out for you. Your OP is a bit want an internship but don't want to be a floor nurse? That is what internships train you to do. Cardiac nursing still has all the other stuff that goes with floor nursing, with a cardiac factor on top of it all. You won't be nursing just the heart part.
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    If you are not comfortable with multi-tasking, perhaps you should consider home health. You only focus on one patient at a time.