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Scott & White Hospital College Station, TX Employment Reviews

  1. 0 Does anyone have RN reviews for Scott & White Hospital in College Station, TX? Have an interview and know nothing about the actual employment feel of the hospital. Would appreciate your comments. L&D preference, but all appreciated.
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    Hi there I just got a job offer there to work nights med/surg unit. Im moving from California, just waiting for endorsement to finalize. There us no real review b/c they just openned.they have a great hospital review with other hospitals they have open. Hope this helps.
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    Hey jlpolec!! Am guessing you're working in College Station...If so hope your job is going well. I recently applied to Scott and White in Temple TX and just waiting for my license to come through. How long did it take you to get your license?? Will appreciate any feedback.
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    I'm from the area! It's a great place to work. The care is top notch! The nurses you work with are great. I worked there, before moving on.

    You will enjoy the small town. Austin, Texas is down the road 40 minutes!