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Hi everyone, I noticed here in Baltimore when I took my dog to a vet that they hired RN's to work in the clinic. I didn't get to ask about it but I distinctly remember that they advertised that RNs worked there. This was over... Read More

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    I am also a Vet Tech (approximately 8 years now) and a student nurse. My ultimate goal is to be a CRNA. The pay varies greatly in the veterinary field. Many small day practices cannot afford large salaries. If you happen to specialize and go into emergency, critical care, surgical or other specialty (cardio, internal, etc.) you can make pay equal to that of a newer nurse. I worked in a large emergency/ICU practice in a large metropolitan area (worked mostly in the OR) and made close to 60,000 annually. The job itself has many similarities and just as many differences as that of being an RN. My recommendation would be to work as an RN and volunteer your time within veterinary practices/shelters if that's a passion of yours.
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    Jw..all these ppl saying i like animals more than ppl...are you nurse students/working? Thanks. I love animals but it seems nursing is a smarter choice to make for the time being.