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  1. 0 So I've been contemplating my career path and I've been thinking about becoming a doctor instead of an APN. What have you heard about this? What are your thoughts?
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    The nursing model of an APRN is different from the medical model of a physician. In addition, you probably have to make up a lot of prerequisites before applying to medical school.
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    If you want to do it go for it. It'll take a while and there are no guarantees that you will get into med school, but if it your heart is in it, go for it.
    People will judge you so don't advertise it.
    but there are nurses who have done it and are happy.
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    It's a longer path, for sure. Being an RN prior to becoming a MD probably will make you are better MD in the end. Just carefully consider all factors involved: length of education, costs, can you deal with both of those burdens, understanding you will be a novice in your career again, I hate to say "age" but can you practice long enough (barring things you cannot foresee) to compensate for retirement, etc....
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    C'mon guys.... a lot of us ARE "doctors". I'm thinking the OP means "physician", right?
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