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I graduated from nursing school with a BSN in May 2010. Nursing was my second career and I didn't start nursing school until I was 40 years old. I was in an accelerated BSN program in Los Angeles and found a job quickly out of... Read More

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    Hospice and ambulatory care can certainly be an option for a slower pace and more patient interaction. However, hospice care in the field requires a certain level of clinical competence, confidence and skill that you might not possess...only you can answer that question.

    I have gone back and forth from management, education, and bedside nursing in a variety of can be done and nursing is relatively unique in the number of opportunities for work over a span of a lifetime career.

    Good luck.

    ps...I did not read anything condescending about Ruby's response to your post, perhaps you are feeling a bit frustrated and sensitive about your situation?

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    You mentioned herniated discs, how is that going to work in a acute care bedside environment/ Will you be medically cleared to work? Bedside nursing is alot of pulling and truning and pushing heavy patients.
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    I don't think it is too late, you can easily go back to work as a nurse. And it is just a matter of time before you figure out what fits. I wonder about maybe doing temp to hire or agency work, your resume may suffer from your exploration otherwise. But - don't give up. I didn't like med-surg (too busy, too much pressure) - but LOVED ICU.
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    I thank you all for your responses, they are all giving me food for thought and genuine insight into my journey to finding the right nursing career for me. If I offended anyone, particularly RubyVee, I am sorry. Someone posted that I may be frustrated by my current position and I think that is accurate. Again I apologize for responding from a place of anger. I will continue to seek insight and welcome all kinds of input.
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    Ruby Vee,

    I wanted to apologize for my resonse. I have reread it and I realize that I was overreacting. I think that I am so frustrated and disheartened by my situation that I am overly sensitive. I thank you for your response and will take it to heart.
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    Quote from omibashu
    ruby vee,

    i wanted to apologize for my resonse. i have reread it and i realize that i was overreacting. i think that i am so frustrated and disheartened by my situation that i am overly sensitive. i thank you for your response and will take it to heart.
    ​apology accepted. i hope you find what you want.

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