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Hi All, After working as a Neonatal Nurse Practioner for 10 years I "retired", and have been living abroad for several years. I am really wanting to return to nursing and realized I must first get my licence back. Does anyone... Read More

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    I am like you - have to re-test. Due to an MVA, I left nursing (which I LOVED!) 18 years ago. Now, at the age of 54, I am determined to be an RN again, despite some disabilities. We took the test once, we can do it again! I plan to follow Suzanne's program, and meanwhile have been studying a different NCLEX review book. I have looked into refresher programs where I live in Sonoma County, CA and found one (the only one) that is $1500.00. Have others of you found that the cost is this high, or is this a reasonable price? Also, have any of you taken the course in my county? Was it worthwhile? The instructor did not actually sound that encouraging, when I asked if it would help me pass the NCLEX again. She said, that was not the goal of the class, yet that is what I need first and foremost. I don't have that kind of money, so not sure if I should take it or not. One reason I plan to be a nurse again is that I need to make a better living for the next 10 or 15 years, and because I loved it. Any advice would be appreciated. So happy to have found this site!

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    I would say, if I were you, it will be the best $1500 you ever spent. You will have someone there to encourage you and you will feel much more confident. I am just so surprised with the nursing sortage that each state doesn't have a really big push to refresh and reuse our nursing having a standardized refresher course in every state...sounds like we are not alone!! I am plodding through all the requirements for NY state. Once I get my application in , then I will know which direction to go in.....
    Keep smiling!!!
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    Thought I would see how you are doing. I have filed all my paper work with NYState, and hope to hear something back soon. I have been taking practice NCLEX exams and doing general reviewing each day.
    So far I have averaged around 68-72, so I am not discouraged. Once I am told what they need of me...I will be raring to go....

    So what have you decided??? Hope you are doing well....
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    I am slowly doing the tests in the Saunder's review book, like Suzanne's Plan suggests. I am also taking the Nursing Re-entry course in my county. With my disabilities, I was able to qualify for the Department of Rehabilitation, through the state. They are paying for the class. PTL! The class has met twice, and it's really helping me to think like a nurse again. I actually feel pretty good about what I remember, but the best part is that the thinking process is still the same, and it is coming back. My hardest part is not sticking to a daily study plan. Life gets in the way and I am not good at getting back in the habit. Does anyone have a routine that works with a busy life? If you would care to share, I need basic tips or advice on how to manage my time and prioritize, to study everyday.
    An interesting note about this re-entry class - there are about 30 nurses in the class, of all ages. There is only one nurse who has been out longer than me; she has been out 20 years and still has her license. Three of us need to take the NCLEX. One of these 3 shared that he heard the NCLEX now has more questions that are not one answer type multiple choice, but the type where several answers are correct and you must choose all of them. Those are the type of questions that I do the worst at, so that really worries me. I wonder if others have found this to be true on the NCLEX. Regards!
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    Wow, good for you...I am so excited to get going I will tell you. I have downloaded some review books on my new Kindle (small, and portable) and I am waiting to hear what NY says. I am pretty sure I will have to retest. But like you, it is really coming back. Amazing isn't it. I think we will make excellent nurses again because our hearts are in it. Once I get the ok from NY I will register with NCLEX, but must wait until I am given the ok. I was never licienced in NY, just 3 other states! So while I wait I am studying...
    I bet your re-entry class is wonderful. Nice to be with other people in the same boat huh? Best of sound very committed so you will do great! What state are you in?
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    Quote from debbren
    Hi All,
    After working as a Neonatal Nurse Practioner for 10 years I "retired", and have been living abroad for several years. I am really wanting to return to nursing and realized I must first get my licence back. Does anyone have advice on how they have chosen to study for the exam? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Being in Hong Kong, I have lots of free time, can do online course work, but have no availablity to do any clinical here. But for now I think the matter of preparing to retake an exam I havent taken in 25 years is a tad daunting!
    Thank you and love the site....
    I just joined and have read your above notice.....I too am in the same situation and wonder how you are doing....sherry
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    Hi Shery,
    I am reading Med-Surg Demystified at the moment. I also have downloaded at least 100 podcasts on my itouch and listen to lectures everyday when I exercise and when I can't sleep. Sometimes up to 4 hours a day! I really am amazed how it comes back to will be amazed also.
    I also have found UTube to have some interesting stuff under nursing and medicine. I used to be proficient at intubation, central lines etc...not saying I am ready to jump in with out refresher...but it makes your realize it is still there, just hastn't been used in a while.
    My gut tells me to believe you can do anything you set out to do....
    As far as the paperwork, all has been recieved by my state board, just waiting to hear back....
    In the meantime, I will plan to follow the advise given to me to do "Suzanne's Plan", you will see that on an earlier post. I figure all these people have such good advice, and that sounds like the way to go....

    How are you doing with your future plans? Dream it and it will happen!

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    Hello Debbie, Thanks so much for responding to my need for help and someone to talk to about my problem. I left nursing and went into being a Mary Kay Cosmetic Director and now want to go back into nursing. I found out last Friday that I failed my nclex exam. I was studying day and night on a site called and could do all of the test to around 88-90%. None of the info on that site was on the exam. Now I know that I must find a site that is going to teach me what I need to know. How do you find a site that offers to you what you need to know? I want to study what I need to know to continue to be a good nurse and be successful. Does the board of nursing have any counseling information? Does the league of nursing help with counseling as what site is not a scam and is the "Real Deal". I did learn lots of information about diseases.....Please tell me what you know.....sherry
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    Hello Everyone, I wanted to State a GREAT BIG "Thank YOu" to all of you that have responded to my request.
    As of right now, yesterday was a very productive day. I read all of the responses and couldn't get any info from the Suzanne suggest. I'm awesuming she doesn't exist anymore. But, did get a response about the Kaplan program and also got that from a nurse friend of mine. So this is what I did yesterday....contacted the board of nursing and they took me to their web site and down loaded the plan for Nclex exam to see what is all on it. They told me I can test again in 45 days. There is not a requirement from them to take any classes until you fail x3. But, I don't want any part of that.....and my friend who stated that it takes a life savings is correct to get your license back and also the friend that stated "DON'T EVER LET YOUR LICENSE LAPSE".... two very correct statements. So I enrolled in the Kaplan program as recommended from another friend on here. So I have that scheduled in Ann Arbor, Michigan 2nd aND 3RD week of May. I don't want to wait.....Thanks and Hugs to all of you....sherry
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    I have one more ??????? Does anyone know of any money out there to help with the cost......being there is a Nursing shortage......I just wondered if there is aid out there......sherry

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