Quitting 74K RN job for a 30K vet tech job? Advice please! - page 5

i am a 26 year old single rn and make 74k gross pay a year. i have been having major anxiety lately for the last few months and have been thinking of quitting my job and going back to school. my... Read More

  1. by   Hennessybleu
    This is a very good explanation, but I think it can be turned around and worded as if you were a nurse wanting to leave the field to become a veterinarian. I started off pre-vet, but had my boyfriend die in a car wreck so I decided I didn't want to go away for college (vet school). I changed my major to nursing (worked as a vet tech while in nursing school) & got my ADN. I started off at a children's hospital on an orthopedic floor & learned a lot, but felt I needed to do more. I got my BSN in 2005 & transferred to the pediatric ICU. Like you said above, it's very similar with critically ill babies and children. Some can't tell you what's wrong, some you can't save no matter how hard you try, you have to deal with parents who can take out their grief on the nurses in the form of anger. Some parents you become very close too & you cry with them when their child dies or as they make the decision to donate their organs. It's exhausting but rewarding. I loved my job & became really good at it, but still felt I wasn't doing what I was meant to do. I got my pediatric acute care nurse practitioner degree in 2010 (after considering vet school again), but kept working as an RN in the PICU. I never used the NP degree but again felt I needed to do something else. I got my 2nd master's degree in nurse anesthesia & have been working as a CRNA for 3 years now. I work at an adult hospital now & I do miss the kids because they are innocent like animals are. I like my job, but I don't love it. My schedule is great & the pay is great, but I still think about "if I would have gone to vet school". I've considered doing it now, but the pay wouldn't even be what I make now plus it would just add student loans. I've also considered med school to become an anesthesiologist, but I wouldn't be doing it because I want to be an anesthesiologist, but because I'm still trying to fill the void in my life that should have been filled by caring for animals. I've met a few CRNAs who used to be veterinarians, so it goes both ways. You have to do what makes going to work worthwhile & is rewarding to you. Money shouldn't be the main factor in a career decision, but we can't deny that it IS important. I think I've become ok with doing anesthesia since I DO like it & it pays well, and I help with animal rescues/fostering in my spare time. Of course my pets are like my children too! I'd just tell anyone that you should do what will make you happy, set your goals high & know that you can achieve them, & you're never too old to go back to school!❤️