planned parenthood surgical RNs

  1. I wondering if anybody has ever worked with or currently works at planned parenthood as an RN.
    if so, do/did you like it? Did it mess with your morals working in the surgical area? What exactly are the duties of the RN? Were/are you safe from protestors at work?
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  3. by   cayenne06
    I worked as an MA at an abortion clinic and assisted in procedures up to 24 weeks. It was emotionally challenging but very rewarding work. We never had a problem with protesters, but they weren't allowed in our parking lot so we always had a safe distance between them and us and our patients. My rare interactions with them were actually very respectful.

    I say go for it!
  4. by   mslovebug
    Thank you for the response. Ive always wanted to work with planned parenthood and help young adults with their reproductive health issues, but I never thought about having to work with abortions procedures. They say its just pre op and post op so I dont handle actually work around the procedure itself.
  5. by   cayenne06
    I just want to say- make sure you examine your personal thoughts and feelings about abortion before you accept a job like this. The last thing your patients need is a nurse who is uncomfortable with abortion, because however much you try to keep your feelings private, it is likely they will be reflected in the interactions you have with the women you care for. Not saying this is the case for you- just pointing it out.
  6. by   veriteblesse
    I do it. I worked there as an MA for seven years before I became an RN, and support abortion rights as an important and natural part of women's health care. I either assist the doctor during the procedure, or work recovery after. Nursing wise, it's the easiest job ever. Abortion is so safe there's hardly ever any issues. Basically, if I'm assisting I push meds, comfort/distract the patient during her procedure, and help get her dressed and change over rooms. If I'm in recovery I insert IVs before hand and then monitor vitals and educate on aftercare instructions post procedure. It's easy money and a privilege to be a positive part of a difficult experience. As long as you are 100 PERCENT SUPPORTIVE of these patients no matter what, I'd say go for it. If any part of you thinks that there is such a thing as too many abortions, or abortions for the wrong reason, or judgmental about other peoples situations, don't bother.