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As a first-year RN, I was working for a home health agency in hospice. My immediate supervisor was very condescending, very rude, and talked to me like I was stupid. She treated me like a child. After putting up with her... Read More

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    The definition of abandonment with home health is different than that of hospital care. The patient is apart of a case load and there are usually specific steps that you have to take to end that "relationship" and ensure that the patient is handed over without harm or interruption of care. Who did you trun your case load to and did they accept?

    We cannot give legal advice as per the TOS....the wording that concerns me
    the nurse has accepted the patient assignment thus establishing a nurse-patient relationship and then severed the relationship/disengaged from the relationship without giving reasonable notice to a qualified person who can make arrangements for the continuation of nursing care by others.
    . For in home health employment abandonment and patient abandonment are muddled....for they are a part of a case Load that is yours. I would contact my malpractice insurance, not talk about this in the internet and speak to a lawyer.

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    If the OP has at-will employment, then she's covered.
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    Quote from SweettartRN
    If the OP has at-will employment, then she's covered.
    Patient abandonment and employment abandonment are two totally separate issues.
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