Out of all the nursing specialties, which ones would be the least amount of stress? - page 2

Hello, I am just wondering from your experiences which nursing specialties are the least stressful? Especially for a mother who prefers the usual Monday-Friday 9-5 shifts... Read More

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    Quote from zahryia
    I know a new grad that got straight into case management and quite a few that went into the OR.

    So while it's not common, it's not impossible.
    I don't know any OR RNs who work 8s! PACU maybe.

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    I work 8s in the OR.
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    The job with the "least stress" is different for everybody -- because it is the job that your heart is in -- it's a job in which you are doing work that you love -- working with people who treat each other well. Any type of job can be horribly stressful if you don't like the work or if you are working with people who tear each other apart. There is no "one ideal job title" that can be counted on to be great.
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    I worked the longest in a psych hospital 7pm to 7am. I worked Wed, Thu, Fri and since Friday counted as a weekend and I worked it every week, I worked no other weekend shifts.

    By working those days, I was free when my husband was off evenings, worked on the night he taught, and was generally free when I wanted or needed to be free.
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    Public health nursing. Mon to Fri. 8 to 4:30. Low stress to me at least. Lower pay but worth it so feel "normal" to me.

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