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NY LIJ Fellowship Program interview

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    I have an upcoming interview will LIJ for the ER Fellowship!!! ::EXCITED:: Im wondering if anyone can tell me what specific questions they were asked because I know most would be situational. I have no healthcare experience but I graduated with a BSN. If anyone could help I would greatly appriciate it. Also any information regarding the hiring process such as how long for a response & if they turn you down then how.. by email? Thanks
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    Had another interview today with the Nurse Educator and Nurse Director for North Shore ED Fellowship since the LIJ one filled up..... Fingers crossed.. Has anyone got into the ED Fellowship for either LIJ or North Shore???
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    for those of you who had interviews...did you have your TNCC??
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    I don't really have an answer for you..But I did work for North Shore LIJ, at Lenox Hill-- I just moved to Utah! As soon as I saw LIJ I got excited...Unfortunately my interview was unorthodox as Lenox Hill was very new to the LIJ system and had not yet transitioned fully hiring-wise/I had family connections. However, I did get an e-mail telling me I was accepted an offer from LIJ, along with orientation information. I kept in close contact with the nursing recruitment specific to my hospital as well.

    As for North Shore LIJ things I know (not too much) Look up info on North Shore's mission statement-- They are HUGE on that stuff now. Have clinical experiences ready to tell/leadership examples. You'll do great I'm sure!!
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    @ Nurse Jelly- No I do not have my TNCC. I am new Grad straight out of school and passed my Boards about 6 weeks ago
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    Thank You Nurse Amy- I think I did really well with the Fellowship interviews and if not I have had interviews for other facilities this week as well. Fingers crossed & a prayer that something comes through...
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    Anyone following... I DID get the job offer for the ER Fellowship @ Manhasset.. The same Day I got an offer for CACU @ Stonybrook.. Im now waiting for Huntington in the ER to make my final decision
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    Wow Congrats on all the offers!!!!!!!! That's huge. I was accepted into the ICU Fellowship at LIJ!! Hope you get it @ Huntington also!!! So happy for you!!!! I guess either way, you'll be at "Beginnings" on Oct 10 unless you accept Stonybrook's offer. Let me know what you decide!!!! Best of Luck!!
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    HOw did you get an interview at these places without any experience? Do you have an insider connection or something? I have 3 years experience at a long-term acute care hospital and getting turned down because of "lack of experience at an acute care setting." And I am in similar geographic location as you, with BSN, and several foreign language skills.... I don't understand...
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    I did get Huntington & accepted it... I also was @ the Beginnings on Monday!!! Goodluck to you Angelrina!!!! Im sure you will do AWESOME.
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    RyanGirl... To be honest I dont have any inside anything... I just think I have good interview skills and can sell myself well. As far as the initial interview & getting them scheduled.. I just applied and got calls back. I have leadership experience as I have been a supervisor for 4 years over seeing 300 people and maybe that was it... but Ive just been praying.
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    XoMooky GREAT JOB! Girl you got it goin on! Ok in my opinion you need to start something for nurses as far as interviewing tips and ways to seel yourself! Pls give me some pointers. I graduated and take the nclex in 2 weeks but have a ICU fellowship interview before my boards. Does that effect me? Anyways HELP ME SELL MYSELF TOO lol!