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  1. 0 Are there any other nursing requirements besides education wise? Such as certain iron levels, immunity, etc.? Also, are nose piercings allowed? I'm a student and I've never been informed about these things and I can't find any information about these types of things on Google.
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    Hi! You have to get a physical, I don't exactly know what would happen if you had any deficiencies. Nose piercings or any type of piercings are not allowed except one stud earring on each side and I believe it can't be bigger than a dime. When I went to Lincoln Tech they checked everything from our nails to our tongue, this was the LPN program. I'm guessing the RN program is similar. Remember some patients get uncomfortable with some nurses and sometimes even more with visible tattoos and piercings. Good luck!😊
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    It may depend on where you work/go to school. I never had to get a physical for school and the hospital I work at allows piercings and tatoos.
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    Physical. And make sure your titers are on the up and up. My school did not allow fake acrylic nails.

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