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Nursing Not for Everyone

  1. 0 As a former diesel mechanic crossing over into nursing while in the military I really love what I am doing? working in the cold and busting up your knuckles got old for me. After starting out in Neonatal, then ER, now ICU I Love taking care of people and feeling like i have helped someone even when they don't say Thank You or the families are not satisfied when i know i have done above and beyond, this has not swayed me. I come to work with a mindset no matter how stressed, busy, or mean someone is to me, I do not let it determine my happiness and joy that I brought in with me. For those that are upset with nursing make it easy on yourself and others. Either find another profession or become active with organizations to bring about a change. As a mechanic we would lay down our tools as a group and make management listen to our demans and concerns, when and if this happens in nursing i predict nursing will see a change
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    Wonderful post.........

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    I took the cross-over, too. I worked in machine shops for 11 years. I am now in nursing school and started training for a CNA job this week. This week has shown me that I made the right choice!
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    ............great post.........!!!!
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    Thanks for the great post, MNicholsonRN. Too many nurses have worked only in nursing and mistakenly believe that the grass is so much greener elsewhere. Too many are far too happy to play the role of victim.

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    yeah thanks MNicholson that was a wonderful post. :-)

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