Nurses abroad?

  1. Im currently a high school student, but I'm aspiring to become a nurse! =)
    Next year I will be attending college, and I was wondering whether
    there were any opportunities for nursing students to study abroad for
    a semester or even a year? I've always wanted to study abroad in college,
    but it seems that a nursing student could not as easily study abroad as a student in another major... is this correct? With a U.S. BSN, would it be possible to work as a nurse in another country like Japan or China?
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  3. by   weetziebat
    Don't know about the studying abroad, although that sounds like an excellent idea. But I was interested in working as an RN in Japan. Checked it out and was told that, in order to work there, you first have to take their exam - in Japanese - and only if you pass that can you work. At that time, about six years ago, there had only been one person who had done it.

    But there are opportunities to work in other foreign countries. Good luck in your studies
  4. by   Town & Country
    I'm an RN and was thinking about working in the UK. I hear the pay isn't good, but it would be a way to have an "extended vacation," or so I was thinking.

    Upon reflection, I think the best course of action may be to save up (?) for a vacation there.