Nurse trying to get NON-nursing job....impossible!! - page 2

Hi, I've been a nurse "forever" and I JUST want to break into a NON-nursing career, but I think when someone sees my resume and/or interviews me, they just can NOT understand why I'd want to leave... Read More

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    Thank you again to everyone who's responded! Anyone else?

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    I would like to do the same thing eventually...get a non nursing job before I go completely insane. I just wonder what I would write on a cover letter. Do you say that you are looking to switch careers (I would think you need to make that clear?). I know I would probably not put my current salary on any applications since they'd probably get tossed! I can't go back to school for anything unfortunately...don't have the money and don't have the full time days M-F and actually work OVER every single day and I'm exhausted. I hope I am not trapped forever.
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    mtngrl---yes, the salary question is always tricky!!! Ugh, when I have gotten interviews for non-nursing jobs (which is RARE!), I always get "that look" and they ask "is such-and-such salary going to be enough?" I always reassure them that it is. I want to scream "it's NOT about the moneyyyyy....I just want something NEW, and I know I'd be good at this job!!!" (and yes, I'm very very blessed and thankful that I don't *have* to make a certain amount....I wish this was true for everyone!)

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