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Nurse Advice for any Stage of your Career

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    Thank you Katherine. Would you mind taking a look at my resume? I am an LPN and I have 4 years of experience working with the elderly and 9 years working with children with disabilities.
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    I actually need some advice! Lol. I am a CTICU nurse with 2 years of experience. Thinking about going traveling this summer while I get my BSN online before applying to my dream job in a CTICU at a large city. I have experience in everything CTICU related. IABPs, VADs, heart and lung transplants, ECMO..everything. My dream hospital said get my bsn and then come apply.
    If I travel, which I really want to do, I can make good money, and discover new cities. However, I know I'll have the crap assignments and not working with the most critical patients. No fresh post-op hearts! I am also starting to charge nurse, which would look great on my rsum.

    So should I stay for another year, get the added experience and a full 3 years experience at one job or pursue my interest in traveling and make more money and discover new cities? Also, do you think losing a year of CTICU experience would look negatively on my rsum if I travel for a year?
    Decisions, decisions! Lol!