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:confused: I am currently in school and almost finished with my associate of applied science degree. I will be a registered medical assistant after I complete my clinical extern and take my registry. I have read up on both the... Read More

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    I also want to become an RN, but thes school that is near by has a waiting as long as the Nile River and I am reluctant to wait that long. My other alternative was to complete an LpN program and transit into the RN. The waiting list at the community college where I live is 1 1/2 year , if you do not have to wait that long go for it!

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    I heard that LpN nursing is a good start for becoming an RN. RN new grads come out of school not what to do. Plus LpN nursing I seen teaches good bedside mannor
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    Hi Uncertain:

    While waiting to become enrolled in a RN school,
    you could be taking the general education courses,
    which are usually as follows:

    Two English courses
    One psychology course
    One sociology course
    One ethics course
    Two biology courses
    One microbiology course
    One elective, etc.

    Usually adds up to 30 general education credits. This
    will take up a year's time, then you'll be ready to enroll
    in RN program.

    Good luck !!


    :chuckle :kiss
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    Was an LPN first-- to RN. Go the RN route, if nursing is what you choose. Many more opportunities and ALOT more money.

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