Non-competitive Direct/Graduate Entry MSN Programs?

  1. Hi there, first time posting (but probably not the last ). I am looking for some advice on Direct Entry MSN programs.

    These are my qualifiers:
    -Reputable school, not the bottom of the barrel.
    -Has an Oncology or Acute/Critical Adult Program.
    -Not terribly tough to get into, but not "University of Phoenix"-type either.
    -Anywhere in the country.

    Here's what how I rank:
    -3.3 GPA Bachelor's in Finance.
    -6yrs work as Nursing Assistant Registered in Adult Nursing Home.
    -3yrs work in investments field.
    -Starting to volunteer at a hospital now.
    -Taking an anatomy and physiology class in summer at a community collage.
    -1 physics course(B+), 2 gen chem courses (A-), calc I and II

    I've been reading the boards here, and checked out U Cincinnati, UMiami, UC San Fran. I've heard some schools give free tuition if you make a work commitment, which would be great too.

    Any advice or help is appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   george_2011
    Only know if UMiami but interested to see what schools other members post. Its interesting to see that hospitals are in such need of nurses and have offered free tuition for service. I would be the first to jump on that especially after getting student loans for undergrad.
  4. by   HouTx
    The original post was from April 2010.