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Hello, I just joined today and I'm excited about entering into the world of nursing. I have been licensed for one year and actively have been looking for work and submitting my resume with hospitals, private... Read More

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    Quote from north
    Here in Texas, you might say it's not a LAW...but it is the Board of Nursing's official opinion. Don't expect too many agencies to go contrary to the Board's opinion.
    Newly Licensed Nurses Practicing in Home Health Settings
    BTW, I don't want to sound like a jerk--though I'm sure I will--but at this point, the LAST thing I care about is some foreign nurse having the ability to take the NCLEX and take yet another job away from me. Sorry, kids, America has been the land of milk and honey for everyone for too long. We're running out of resources for ourselves now. My suggestions is stay in your own country and make it work...that's we I have to do over here. Do I sound like a total jerk? Maybe...but I'm okay with that right now. I'm not feelin' the love today.
    I agree. All of us have hurdles and disappointments in life, but some people are unwilling to face that. I've read a few that mention lawsuits or asking Governor Brown or the President to intervene on their behalf. Only an attitude of entitlement allows you to think such a plan would be feasible. I've held an LVN license for almost 40 years. It's been quite an adjustment to go to your job of choice and say, "I'd like to work here, please" and they say, "when can you start?" to the vast emptiness when it comes to jobs now. I suggest adopting a philosophical attitude - times change. We all have to bend with that or drive ourselves nuts.

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