New RN Grad (ADN) seeking advice: Critical Care / Step Down units

  1. Hi There!
    I have a job interview that was set up last minute (in a couple of days) with the critical care director of the local hospital where I live. I would love to hear input on how to prepare for this? I did my preceptorship in the department for the job I'm interviewing for but feel extremely nervous about it and I would like some advice/feedback on how to prepare for this. Such as what is extremely important to the director? What kind of things are important to them (critical care nurse managers)?

    Thanks so much! Any help is much appreciated!
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    They want to know what you'll do when you are faced with a new situation; will you charge ahead blindly hoping for the best, or ask for more information?

    So when they ask, "What would you do about thus and such?" and you don't know, you do NOT try to BS your way around it. You say, forthrightly, "I don't know, and (not but, and) I would ask (name of charge nurse or preceptor)."

    They want to know that you're willing to learn and will take the responsibility for doing it. What are your plans for taking ACLS, the next ICU course, joining AACN? Tell them you have investigated and find that the next course is on DATE and would it be possible to get those days off for it? or, when they ask if you have any questions, ask when the next one is and can you go to it please?

    They want to know if you'll be a team member. Let them know how you felt welcome when you were there as a student and give them some specific examples of who helped you learn what. Not just manipulative tasks, but assessment, understanding systems and meds, that sort of thing.

    Have fun! My first two (or six) jobs were in critical care and I loved it.
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    Thanks GrnTea! Appreciate the input!
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    Also what kind of specific questions should i b asking or be thinking about?