New Graduate RN Residency Programs

  1. Hey everyone! I couldn't find that many posts specific to the residency/orientation programs available to new grads, so I thought I would start one

    I hear all kinds of good things about quality residency programs that help a brand new nurse get acquainted with his/her newfound indepence on the floor. I know many hospitals offer them...but finding information is hard!

    Does anyone know where and how to find info on/apply for such new grad RN residency programs? I am specifically interested in Ocshner, MUSC, and Mayo Clinic. Do you have to apply for a separate job and residency program thing, or do they automatically put you in the new grad "pool" if you are offered a job?

    Thanks!! I graduate in May, but I am already so nervous about working on my own...! A residency program would be a huge help
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  3. by   JasonP
    No one has any information!?! I would love to get some insight!
  4. by   bdinga
    Use the web to search for residency programs. I live in Ga. and found 2 programs available for RN residency. Columbus and Brunswick each had one hospital that even offered new grad residency programs. You apply for the residency only, then would be placed later. Both programs are extreemly competitive and only take a limited amount(18 or less in one)and only do program twice a year(summer/winter). I Appled to both and was denied for both. Good luck!
  5. by   shicurls
    Good old Google is what I used on my search. At first I looked up nurse residency programs at local hospitals in my area via Google. I set up a job search agent with keywords like new grad and rn residency within their career search to be notified by email when there are openings. I got callbacks for both the residencies in my area but took the first one since the start date was sooner ( March vs August). I also did a more generic search and looked at nurse residency programs and deadlines all over the US. The new grad positions and residencies will be listed separate from regular staff nurse positions. If you do click into a regular staff position you might see things such as please no new grads or xyz amount of experience required. If you are a senior in nursing school, the sooner you start applying the better!