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I have been reading through these threads and haven't seen an answer to this question. I know that it is tough to get a new grad RN position and some say they are still looking after a year post... Read More

  1. by   Kabouche
    Quote from biblepoet
    I graduated in October 2009. Started 2010 in a prison infirmary with an Aa in nursing and Ba in chemistry . I interviewed about 12 places and not sure amount of resumes went out. I talked about my experience that I did have. First few interviews were on contacts. I landed three positions one in mental health. Overweight but personable. Took a hospital job they were hiring we were in fact understaffed til this yr. Still have prn positions. Been there a yr and half. Just goes to prove out of the box does work. Some things they needed to train me other things they did not you need to go and find opportunities that you might not want to do rather think you are better than the job. In Indiana all my friends ended up with jobs just took time.
    What was it like working in the prison?? And did you say overweight?? I'm wondering if that could be part of my problem
  2. by   LauRN74
    I feel very blessed after reading this thread...Im a new grad who works a hospital job, as well as PRN LTC/rehab job. I hope everyone finds what they are looking for!
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    If you are in Chicago area and would like to volunteer for experiance, please email