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I have been reading through these threads and haven't seen an answer to this question. I know that it is tough to get a new grad RN position and some say they are still looking after a year post... Read More

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    I have a question for anyone in this thread who would be kind enough to answer I am just starting my schooling to get a nursing degree, and I was wondering- is the job market only this difficult if one wants to get into a hospital job?

    I'm wondering because I've worked at a hospital in the past (I'm a CNA but have been doing one-on-one long-term care now for ages), and to be honest, when I get my RN... I don't want to work at the hospital. I'd be really happy working in LTC or in a doctor's office or school. Is the nursing job market easier in those areas?

    I'm concerned now cause if it's this hard all across the board, wow!... I'll be really discouraged. It took tons of sacrifice and finagling with grants/loans/time to even be able to attend college at all, and I'd hate to think it is going to be for nothing!

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    Hi all,

    I cant say im happy right now. i don't have any1 to share my long time of frustration of not getting a job as a new grad rn. I almost feel that I did nursing school for nothing. 4.0 GPA, honors and such really doesn't matter. People have told me its who you know and who you blow. I've sent out over 100 resumes. I sat for 1 interview. Bills keep on piling up and I think its time to just give up.
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    Man, reading all of this is really making me depressed. I was encouraging my son to become a nurse because he is barely hanging on and is usually in the hole every month after working a fulltime job (no, he doesn't overspend, his ex-wife gets the money) with no hope of a second job where he is. He is a people person with tons of compassion and would make a great nurse he is also a teacher but there are no jobs in that field either. I am a BSN and now have to enter the workforce after an 18 month time off because of cancer and the death of my other child. Just what I job possibilities ~ great. Now I can be depressed for my only remaining child AND me. Good luck fighting the good old US of A related to foreign nurses ~ there's another losing battle.
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    Look as I sit here with tears welling up in my eyes I am saying to my self "its over" This is a losing battle. unless you know the CEO
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    Nurses we are not hiring
    Some humor to help us make it through
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    StrawberryVanilla: If you like working in LTC you're probably going to be just fine. I've been in it pretty much since 1995 and last week I had my job interview ~ my first one ~ as I have been off work for 18 months now (see prior post above) and was hired as their DON. I'm soooooo happy! I start tomorrow. With the exception of a few Nurse Manager stints in hospitals it has mostly been LTC / SNFs for me, it's my passion and sounds like you already have a heads up on what it is like to work with our senior citizens. We need people who love older people. Stay with it and keep in it after your RN, if you've worked the floor as an LPN then apply for charge nurse / unit manager / or ADON positions next and after that you're a sure winner for DON. Salary isn't bad either but you'll earn every dime. Good luck!
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    Hello All,

    I've recently graduated from nursing with my BSN. A majority of my fellow classmates DO NOT HAVE JOBS! The only ones that do were the ones that were working in hospitals as PCTs or CNAs during nursing school. ( ok... one of them got a job because her boyfriend's dad was the hospital's CEO) I graduated in May 2010. And like all other normal new grads, it took me about 6 months to get even a call back! But it did happen, I was pretty patient, but super broke now. I went on an interview at a hospital near my house. As I was walking into HR, there were 2 other people sitting in the waiting area, all professionally dressed, all applying for the same position, all NEW GRAD! It looked dim for me after that, One of the candidate had his MASTERS degree! not only is it competitive for BSN graduates, I'm starting to think that ADN (associates degree nurses) will no longer stand a chance in a few years. I spoke to the board of directors about how hospitals are trying to improve their care and her answers clarified it for me. They are trying to hire more BSN and up, and hiring less ADN. They feel that a more education equals improved patient care ( evidence based practice). So to sum it up, Yes, it is competitive, EVERYONE wants to be employed in healthcare now. YES, all the schools will have new grads graduating at the same time, making the market more competitive. NO, associates degree will no longer be good enough ( unless you have experience or reliable connections) Yes, if it is your passion to do nursing, you should go for it.
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    Some more humor =)

    Can you relate?: New Grad RN Job Hunt (video, 2 min 25 sec)

    Quote from SunshineRN79
    Nurses we are not hiring
    Some humor to help us make it through
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    i graduated in a foreign country but im a us citizen grad 2008 but just took n passed nclex dis 2010 im very sad to hear all this post i havent got a job yet after 2mos applying its very frustrating to recieve same emails dat u guys had like i still have not enough experience ... over a 1,200 applicant only 8 vacancies and im not chosen well very depressing... its recession but yes they do hire nurses in other countries.. really sad. i trained 1month in a foreign country as a dialysis nurse whats really surprising is that 1 of my fellow there applied and only have the same training as mine and got hired in us a foreign citizen... i wish sum1 wud do something for us nurses to have trainings so that us citizen nurses could fill up the job needed in our country.. i think programs to train new grads here is a lack ... i dont know wat to do so that we can help each other and our future nursing grads in us. can we write a letter to authority or sumtin so dis prob can be aggravated???
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    Hi there new grad nurses and administartors, nurse educators!!!

    I am a big proponent of new grads who cannot find jobs. I hear you and I would like to let you know my dear new RNs that there are financial issues and education program components that need to be looked at when creating this program in any organization.

    In helping to problem solve this, I thought of a workable proposal... that you and the administration facilities can brain storm. An innovative way of hiring new grads to get started is thorough HR screening, adaptation to a dynamite program and a solid trade of loyalty:
    "need to sign a fair contract to stay in the unit to be trained for at least 3 years." The workplace must try to develop a nurturing work environment so that these nurses will stay and grow professionally. Nurses do not leave when they are committed, have positive role model and have caring learning environment.

    The intention is to gain skills and be greater clinicians and foster retention of nurses!!!

    The next part of the proposal is..."while they are engaged in becoming expert during the program, they are only paid stipend $$$ during the orientation program ... can be 3 months 6 months or whatever financial resources available. If the candidate backs out before the completion of the program for whatever reason, she has an obligation to return the necessary money spent for her. This is an incentive for the new nurse to do her best.

    I would like to invite feedbacks from anyone from the novice nurses, nurse managers, administration staff and CEOs. I also applaud your Nurse Educators who will support this concept. New RN grads will find jobs if they agree, night shifts will have sufficient staff. This is worth trying investment... why not try, isn't our goal "nurse/ patient satisfaction."

    thank you ....cabalic from California
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