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  1. Help!! I'm a recent graduate from an ADN program in Alabama, and just moved to Texas outside the DFW area. I'm still waiting on my Authorization to Test from the Texas BON for the NCLEX (3-4 weeks later), and having absolutely no luck whatsoever on jobs. Most of the hospitals I've looked at require that you be hired into a new grad residency program, and that's so competitive that from what I hear, I may as well not even apply unless I have a ton of strings to pull and know lots of good people in good places...which I don't, being from out of state. Does anyone have any advice on where to look for a job? I live in a fairly rural area and am not opposed to starting somewhere other than a hospital, as long as it could lead me to an ICU position soon (3 - 5 year goal is CRNA). Any help would be greatly appreciated. It's very discouraging! We work so hard, sacrifice so much, to be a help to society and those in need...and nobody wants to hire you.
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    This area is very saturated. I think your 3-5 year plan is unrealistic given the current economy. You are completely spot on in your assessment of the DFW and surrounding area market. There are not many opportunities to get into ICU as a new grad in this area, given how few opportunities there are to get into a hospital at all in this area as a new grad with no connections.

    Just in terms of working to support yourself, start with small, rural community hospitals, LTACs, SNFs and home health. Whatever you do, do NOT share your 3-5 year plan or you will be considered pretty undesirable, as it will make it obvious you don't really want the job you are actually applying for. Nobody wants to think they are second best and that includes employers.

    Did you research this area before moving here? Just curious. It is likely you will be out of work for some time while you try to find your first position. Hopefully you are set up financially to be able to deal with that. I wish you the best of luck.
  4. by   not.done.yet
    All that being said, Parkland has some new grad internship openings as we speak. Look at their website. I have no idea which part of the surrounding area of DFW you are in. Parkland may be 20 minutes away for you or more than two hours depending on that factor.
  5. by   EquiDiva
    Thank you so much, not.done.yet, for your replies. Yes, I researched the area as best as I could. My fiance was transferred out here about a year and a half ago, so we were ready for me to move out as soon as I could get graduated and pack. I was here the day after HURST review was finished. I talked to a few people and poked my nose around a few hospital looked hopeful. I did check out Parkland....they're over an hour away, and probably closer to two with traffic through Fort Worth. I'm south of Fort Worth just a bit. It's unfortunate! I'm about ready to try anywhere. I will check out those other options you mentioned though. Thank you for the heads up. I'll keep trying!
  6. by   TheCommuter
    If you are south of Fort Worth, try Lake Granbury Regional Medical Center, Weatherford Regional, and Palo Pinto General Hospital.

    Also, the rural areas have a dire need for home health nurses who are willing to make a certain number of visits to patients who live out in the Boonies. Good luck to you.