New Grad in Miami needs Nursing Manager help

  1. Hi everyone. I'm a new grad (May 2012) still on the hunt for my first job. I went to school in Las Vegas, NV and moved to miami, FL when I graduated. I am having absolutely ZERO luck. I have done everything I can as far as applying. I have not only applied to hospitals but have applied to LTC, Hospice, Home Health, you name it. I was on numerous waiting lists just to be able to volunteer only to be told even they don't want me because they don't want me "selling myself" to the various units when I'm supposed to be there to help. I can't get a job as a CNA, ER tech, or anything else because I'm an RN and they don't want someone who will drop everything as soon as an RN position comes along (understandable). There are new grad programs I have applied to but since I didn't go to school here in Miami, I don't qualify for the scholarship programs. I have applied to other areas of Florida and even other states. I spoke to a nursing recruiter in West Palm Beach who told me they won't consider me for their new grad program since I don't live within 10-15 miles of the hospital. She didn't even want to take me seriously when I told her I would relocate. She's "heard it all before". I am enrolled in an RN to BSN program already since it seems having a BSN is really important in this area of the country. I have had my ACLS for a year and I'm getting PALS in two weeks. So, my question to nursing managers, recruiters, and HR is: do you guys really not mind it when an applicant comes in face-to-face to hand you a resume? Everyone keeps telling me to go to the floor and go directly to the manager to try to give them my resume and maybe set up an interview on the spot. I am more than willing to give it a shot, but I'm afraid that I will annoy someone and be blacklisted or something. I know it shows eagerness and persistence and all that, and I am all those things, but I'm also acutely aware of personal space and intrusion. The last thing I want to do is intrude on someone. Can someone please give me some advice? I'm a new grad in desperate need of help!!


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  3. by   HouTx
    Oh dear, I am so sorry you are running into such difficulty trying to launch your nursing career.

    However - I would strongly advise you not to do any 'cold calls' by trying to hunt down nurse managers with your resume in hand.

    Hiring managers MUST adhere to organizational hiring policy & procedure - which are designed to ensure that the organization is in compliance with Federal laws. Human Resources has overall accountability for all things employment related. They need to track all applicants. This information has to be compiled for mandatory annual reports as well as analysis of important HR functions. They conduct initial screens (of applications) and match up applicant qualifications to the jobs available. HR expertise & resources weed out fake credentials, fake experience, etc.

    If a manager has gotten approval to fill a job opening, they ask HR to send them suitable applications (that have already been pre-screened by HR). This saves the manager a ton of time and effort. The manager reviews the apps and decides who s/he wants to interview - conducts interviews and makes a selection that is contingent on a clean background check. HR then moves ahead with the background check & formalizes the offer (specific salary, benefits, etc) with an "offer letter".

    If Managers "go rogue" by not following the hiring process, they expose the organization to serious liability -and could be terminated for violating organizational policy.

    So - bottom line - don't try to rock the boat by essentially asking a manager to violate hiring p&p. You run the risk of appearing as though you feel you're "entitled" to get special treatment... and this is NEVER a good thing for a new grad.
  4. by   GonnaAmazeYou
    Ok here goes!Don't go to the units, resume in hand expecting an interview...that will not work, but I will tell u what does work... Go to the nurse managers and ask what qualifications, certs and education they would like to see in a new hire...bring your resume and walk into the unit and say hi I am a new grad and I would like to work here one day, is there anyone who has a Minute to talk about what the requirements are for this unit... I got 4 interviews that way cause they said oh u need acts, pals whatever- and I had it