Need to support myself while preparing for NCLEX

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    I'm not sure where to post this..
    I'm just wondering while preparing for NCLEX I also need to support myself financially
    so I'm just wondering what work is qualified for a Nursing graduate, can I apply to be
    an LPN?

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    No you cannot work as an LPN unless licensed as same. Moved to nursing career advice forum as nothing to do with studying/preparing for NCLEX>
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    You must apply,take and pass NCLEX-PN for you to get an LVN license and to work as well.
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    You can apply as a caregiver in an assisted living or a private duty.Good luck
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    But being a CNA/HHA requires certification by the the State, after a prescribed official course of study.
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    While you cannot work as an LPN or CNA without licensure/cerification, you CAN work as a Home Health Aide through a Home Health agency. At least here in Ohio you can do this without certification.
    Good luck!
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