Need insights on how to find New Grad RN jobs

  1. Hi yall!

    I'm a "new grad" RN currently STILL looking for a job to start. I graduated last May and still have yet to work as an RN. I have been looking for months and I haven't gotten callbacks. I flunked my FIRST and ONLY interview last month and I was slightly depressed. lol I know I shouldn't let that get to me. I haven't given up. I still try to apply to all RN openings out there to which I qualify. It's just difficult because majority of the RN openings require you to have AT LEAST 1 year of acute care experience as an RN (which I lack). I don't know what to do anymore. I also apply to some RN openings in California (because I do want to move there one day). Can someone give me some insights as to what I should do? Where is a good place to work as a New Graduate RN? ANY INSIGHTS would be helpful. THANK YOU!!
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  3. by   Cindycin37
    Hi, I'm having the same issue too. I've been told that all you can do is apply. Also, it's helpful if you know someone too, but I'm not lucky in that area either. Do you have ADN or BSN? I have an ADN and working on my BSN. I'm also taking an EKG class in April and then I will take the ACLS class. I graduated in May of 2011, found a job in a GI office and stayed there for 9 months. Now I'm back to looking for an RN job. Again, apply and network as much as you can.
  4. by   ML17
    I currently hold a BSN. How far are you in getting your BSN? I think you're in a better situation than I am because at least you worked in the GI office that is related to Nursing somehow. I don't have any healthcare background to cover me. Yeah, I am applying as much as I can and trying to network as well. Good luck with your BSN!