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I am a first year RN grad. I have worked almost 1O months on an ICU floor and have been so unhappy. My hours are awful and I have no life. I have wanted so badly to have a better schedule. I applied... Read More

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    Thanks everyone I accepted the new position. My friends are going to travel nurse in California for 3 months and I wish them well. I think they think I'm crazy being so young and taking a 9 to 5 job but I was just not sure on the travel nursing and I'm excited to do this Africa trip.
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    CONGRATS!!!! You are in an exciting time in your career and your life!!!
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    Thanks a bunch! I am going to miss my friends but I didn't feel comfortable signing with a travel nurse company. We are all first year nurses and I have heard that you really need to be able to hit the ground running.
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    I think this is an amazing opportunity!!!! Congratulations!!!!
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    I know I got to your thread late but I am sooo glad you decided to take that job!! I'm jealous!! I am so happy for you and wish you all luck

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