Need a Night Job to go to Nursing school during the day Need a Night Job to go to Nursing school during the day | allnurses

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Need a Night Job to go to Nursing school during the day

  1. 0 Does anyone know if good paying night jobs (not you know...) while I go to Nursing school during the day? I live in Northern California, am 31 and I have a good paying day job working as a Project Asst in the construction field. Unfortunately, this isn't for me. I have my BA in Psyc and my MBA in Healthcare (just received from the University of Phoenix online!!!)
    Now I'm not sure what to do. All I can find are schools that offer programs during the day and that's it. I feel trapped. I am starting to look in to Fire Dispatch for 911 but it's very difficult, demanding as well as you have to start off as a police dispatcher and they go through the whole bit of background and interrogating. I know this may sound lame but I'm a very sensitive person and very affraid that I'll cry in front of these cops, seen as weak, and not be hired. Can someone assist? Thank you! Claire
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    Before I respond please tell me:
    1) What you define as good pay
    2) What "not you know" is???
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    Thanks for your quick response. I currently making $51,000 yr.
    oh and, "not you know...." i meant a night job as in stripper.

    Quote from kona2
    Before I respond please tell me:
    1) What you define as good pay
    2) What "not you know" is???
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    Most of the students I know personally, me included, work weekends. Many work at facilities in some type of nursing assistant capacity which will not even come close to what you are currently making. Some wait tables which can turn a good dime during our Florida winter season.

    Whatever you do, you'll want it to be flexible to make time for studying. Is there something you can do with your BA in psych at a psych facility?
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    Claire, I can't think of any healthcare jobs on night shift (unlicensed) that begin to hold a candle to your current wage. Many students work as techs or aides, however, and night shift usually pays a differential. Some students will work weekends only, or you can work through an agency and have more control over your hours that way. I happen to live in an area where the wages are higher than most, and I think our hospital CNAs and techs make around $14-16/hr base pay (not including differential). They earn every cent, as it is hard work.About the same for unit secretary (not needed at night as much).

    I was trying to think what you could do with that MBA in Healthcare, but can't think of anything on night shift unless you have clinical experience. You could also consider working day or evenings on the weekends only. Evenings would probably pay a differential. One nice thing about working at some of the hospitals is they often have scholarships for their employees who are advancing their education.

    Good luck!
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    I worked as a bartender in nursing school. It was a lot of fun for me, and ironically great experience. You learn customer service, delegation responsibilities, and conflict resolution. At least that's what I put on my resume! You mostly work weekends (that'a where all the money is), but you can work evening shifts during the week too.