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Hi all, I'm a 42-year-old lawyer who's seriously considering making a career change to the nursing field. (I've been an unhappy lawyer, in several different law positions, for 18 years now...). I am looking for a career that... Read More

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    Quote from toonsis
    I am sorry, but I find it cynical to completely dissuade some one from being a nurse.
    Again, come back when you're a nurse and have been for some years.
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    Quote from toonsis
    I am sorry, but I find it cynical to completely dissuade some one from being a nurse.
    She is the one who will make the decision. We can give our opinions, as can you, but in the end. It is her choice. We can't make her do anything.
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    I wouldn't dissuade just anyone from becoming a nurse.
    The OP has an excellent career, and nursing is not a step up for her in terms of pay. You have to pay for school, often taking on debt to do so. Who wants to take on debt in a down economy when you are in your mid-forties?
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    What makes An excellent career is a pretty personal thing. I'd think that if the OPs career was an excellent fit for her she wouldn't be considering a change.
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    Just being truthful! I love my job but like I said, we are seeing more and more people in their late 40's and they are set in their lifestyle of not working this that and the other. After being on my feet for almost 30 years, 36-40 hours a week, sometimes up to 60, I can't imagine starting in nursing at this point in my life.

    I agree, the poster could easily look into risk management after getting her degree.
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    Canesdukegirl -

    I wanted to thank you for your PM. I haven't participated here on the site enough to send a pm back, but I wanted to make sure you knew that I read your PM. Thank you, thank you.
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    Being a nurse i one of the greatest thing happen to me ever!.
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    I am in Baltimore. I am 39, and have been a social worker for 15 years. About 3 year ago, I decided to return to school in be a nurse. I was afraid, but I worked full time, and went to school at night and on weekends (in 1 semester taking anatomy 1 and micro!! with labs). I am starting a 2nd bachelor's porgram for RN in fall. I also have heard rumblings about no nursing shortage anymore, but when I go into the sites like indeed, they say that nursing is going up in need due to people living longer and needing more care. They say there will be another big shortage by 2016. I work in a hospital now (for now still as a social worker) and all they talk about is that there are not enough nurses (all the departments in our hopsital are under a hiring freeze EXCEPT nursing)
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    It's refreshing to learn that anyone would like to enter the Nursing Profession. I would advise against it in your case for one big reason, by the time you complete you education even on the fastest track your age will be against you. Nursing is not viewed as a very physical job, but it is! I've been a Nurse for 30 years and started to make roads outward at 49 years old. My suggestion is to check into legal services that are healthcare related. Some of the older folks have a great deal of trouble managing their medical bills and understanding the legal aspect of their paperwork. Just a thought to consider. Good Luck!
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    I to am considering another profession also????
    I've been a nurse for 19 yrs, in L&D. Happy nursing right? Well, to a degree! I'm suppose to avocate for women, but I'm not allowed to have or give a professional opinion. I only follow orders. I assess for domestic violence, when far too many times female nurses are verbally and yes, physically abused.

    So I say think long. Now the joy a on that mom's face when she holds her child for the first time has kept me coming backfor more... it doesn't to be this way. Bottom line, bad Mds. bring good money. That's my pro/con on the profession.

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